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23 september 2021, 17:00

't Golden Fust

Poelestraat 15

Extra informatie

Dear board,

As we announced to you in a previous email, the 33rd board of study association Commotie will hopefully be constituted on the 20th of September. We will organise a constitution drink to celebrate this occasion on the 23rd of September. In a few days, you will find our official constitution card in your mailbox (and it is also attached to this email), but we already wanted to provide you with some extra information about our constitution drink via this email. 

We will work with time slots, because of the Covid-19 restrictions. You can sign up with (part of) your board for the following times: 17:00-18:00, 18:00-19:00, 19:00-19:45 & 19:45-20:30 via this Google Sheet: sign up before the 22nd of September at 17:00 and mention with how many people you will be there. 

Another note is that we will not allow any form of brassen during our constitution drink to adhere to the Covid-19 restrictions and keep the environment as safe as possible.

Thank you in advance and hopefully we will see you on the 23rd!

Kind regards,

On behalf of the 33rd Candidate Board of Commotie

Amy-Lynn van Dijk
Candidate Secretary